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Sbc flexplate

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Forum Rules. I have never done this before, are there any tips or tricks i should be aware of before beginning this project? I have done it a couple times and never had to remove the drive shaft.

Yer gonna need a buddy to hold the flexplate while you wrench. Assistant should use B. I learned the hard way. If you don't have a buddy, you can use a large pair of vice grips clamped to the flexplate and jammed up against the bellhousing to break the bolts loose. Let's see if I have this right. The flex plate is bolted to the rear of the journal. The transmission is bolted to the rear of the engine and held in place with the rear cross member. The yoke slips in the end shaft of the transmission and the other end is bolted to the third member of the rear end which is bolted to the frame.

Everything bolted accordingly and you say you never have taken the driveshaft off to replace the flex plate?

sbc flexplate

Not doubting you but are you sure? It works great. Glenn of New Hampshire. I just wasn't going to say anything. Everything bolted accordingly and you say you never have taken the drive shaft off to replace the flex plate? LOL, I did say a couple of times. The yoke was short enough that it slide in enough. I wasn't saying that that happens often. Television is a medium because anything well done is rare.

Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. Then slide it out of the tranny. I've had it a few times where it is VERY hard to remove. When that happened I got some long U bolts and put then around the U joint loose.However, the flexplate — that hefty round disc bolted between the crankshaft and torque converter — is far too important to be looked over when building a race car of any performance level.

Performing these tasks once is quite a feat. Surviving pass after pass requires incredible strength and durability, as well as high levels of precision. While simple in concept, there is more to the flexplate than meets the eye.

While each may have subtle differences in their approach to building what it feels is the best flexplate, all strive toward the goal of increasing racer and spectator safety, while reducing those dreaded missed rounds due to teeth being sheared off the ring gear, or having a flexplate spin itself apart at high engine speeds.

Join us as we explore the basic flexplate functionality, delve into some of the recent advancements, and discuss the three main types of flex plates available on the market. We will also help you, the racer, learn what flexplate may best fits your needs. Flexplate installation is generally straightforward. You will always want to use bolts intended for extreme duty. At its core, the flexplate is a simple metal disk that bolts between the crankshaft and torque converter with a ring of teeth that is engaged by the starter to physically spin the engine during cranking.


For starters — pardon the pun — the gears on the outer edge of the flexplate have to not only be strong enough to withstand modern volt starters, and the added stress of spinning over ultra-high compression engines used in many modern applications, but they have to be the exact pitch and profile to properly mesh with the starter pinion to ensure proper, reliable cranking.

While every car may not feature volts or high compression, the flexplate must be designed for the most extreme situations. The other task the flexplate must perform is joining the crankshaft to the torque converter. Now, tally up the number of runs a racecar might make over the course of a season or more, and it becomes clear that the flexplate really is a workhorse component that deserves far more credit than it receives.

Here, you have two views of the starter pinion in relation to the flexplate's ring gear, as well as a starter adapter. This one, made by ATI, helps ensure proper alignment. Stock-style stamped and welded plates have failed racers thousands of times. Meziere goes on to say that innoting an alarmingly high number of flexplate failures from several manufacturers, his team dove into the possible causes and found that a great many plates available at the time simply lacked the strength and precision that racers demanded from the other components in their drivetrain.

Beattie, Jr. If a plate is too rigid, it can lead to damage elsewhere that may not point to the flexplate as the cause, such as bearing damage in the engine or a host of issues inside the transmission. All three of the manufacturers we spoke with sell three distinct styles of flexplate: stock-style stamped steel, two-piece billet either welded or bolt-togetherand one-piece billet.

Our trio of manufacturers all agree that these plates are acceptable for use in applications making up to to horsepower. Some of these plates even meet SFI Two-piece billet plates are utilized in most track-only race cars, though as Beattie, Jr. These plates benefit from thicker, more durable center plates with more robust ring gears attached, either by welding or by bolting them together.The Jalopy Journal.

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My El Camino has a bad engine. My good buddy Dan offered me use of his "spare" he's that kind of guy, and on the HAMB-- go figureso I'm in the process of a transplant. Today I thought I could get the new motor in place and put the hood back on, as we are expecting rain tomorrow-- but I ran into some problems mounting the starter. Do my neighbors tell me this is unacceptable? Would I blame them if they did? Left to right: the one I was using on my bad motor that won't mount, one that will mount, starter from a cadillac big block that appears inter-changable with chevy small block, starter that looks like it will mount but it won't.

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I went thru the same thing basically what it comes down to is 85 and older sbc takes the tooth flyweel, with the angled bolt starter, and the 86 and newer sbc take the tooth flywheel, with the staright across starter!! I'm learning too in case I mess with one in the future though.

FrankApr 1, Mr48chevApr 1, Thanks for the info and sharing your experience. MLKApr 1, I made an info sheet for everyone. If you see a mistake let me know. Flywheel layout sheet.These flexplates are for two-piece rear main seal engines ONLY. Make sure you choose the correct flywheel for your application by reading our tech article. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. In Stock. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment.

Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. Part :. Outside Diameter:. Tooth Count:. Torque Converter Bolt Circle:. Hole Diameter:. SFI Rating:. Not SFI-approved. Material Type:. Sold in Quantity:. Internally balanced. Ground shipping only in the contiguous US. Related Products. More Like This.

View All Flexplates. View All Speedway Flexplates. Finally, Project Chevelle gets a real hot rod engine under its hood!

sbc flexplate

And what about that flimsy old column shift three-speed? We've got that covered too. Pat talks about our LS flexplate options. Speedway Tech Talk - Pedal Assembly. Tim talks about why using a new pedal assembly may be better for your project than the original pedal assembly. Choosing a Flexplate for a Small Block Chevy.

There are a few things to consider before you select a replacement flexplate for your small-block Chevy engine. Speedway has some useful tips to follow that will help speed up the process.

How to Install a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing.Flywheels and flexplates are two parts that help accomplish the same task in an automobile in very different ways. This depends on whether the driver can control the transmission manually. Starting the ignition allows electrical energy to be converted into the mechanical energy of an engine.

How the engine receives torque depends on the transmission and the accompanying flywheel or flexplate within it. Either part is necessary depending on the type of vehicle. Flywheels are used in manual transmissions, and flexplates are used exclusively for automatics. The flywheel is connected directly to the clutch, allowing torque to transfer between the transmission and the engine. The flywheel can dampen engine vibration and provide a surface for the clutch to contact.

The flexplate mounts the torque converter--which is a device that can multiply torque when there is a difference between rotational speeds--to the crankshaft. A flywheel can vary greatly depending on whether it is light, so that it can spin quickly, or heavy, so that it has more inertia once it is spinning.

A flexplate is typically stamped steel with a ring gear welded on. Flywheel The flywheel is connected directly to the clutch, allowing torque to transfer between the transmission and the engine. Flexplate The flexplate mounts the torque converter--which is a device that can multiply torque when there is a difference between rotational speeds--to the crankshaft.

Identification A flywheel can vary greatly depending on whether it is light, so that it can spin quickly, or heavy, so that it has more inertia once it is spinning.Both SFI rated for the track and non-rated for street applications. There are four main factors to consider when purchasing a flexplate.

Almost all small-block Chevys are internally balanced. They do not need to be balanced together, just balanced alone. The key to choosing the correct bolt pattern and tooth count is measuring the torque converter you are using. Some aftermarket flexplates are drilled with both patterns to accept large and small diameter torque converters. You can also note that a tooth flexplate always uses the straight bolt pattern starter, and the tooth flexplate uses a angle bolt pattern starter.

Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Videos All Videos. Tags: TechEngineHarmonic Balancers. The crank style: One or two piece rear main seal. Internal vs External Balance. Bolt Pattern and Tooth Count. More Info. Related Articles. Once you're ready to start selecting valve train components, we have some useful tips and tools that should boost your performance. We discuss proper valve-springs, pushrod length, and rocker arm ratios.

One of the most important parts of your racing operation is the engine. This article gives a detailed overview on how to maintain your engine to get the most out of it for as long as possible. Also learn some tips to prolong the life of your engine. In this project, you will see how Jeff repaints a garage sale BluePrint crate engine and learn the importance of preparing the engine for a successful restoration.

Follow along as our Expert details his restoration methods for making an engine in an old Chevy look new again with a little cleaning and refinishing. Learn the basics to engine performance like; how does a cam work? What is Valve lift, duration, lobe separation angle, and cam profiles?

Afterwords selecting the right camshaft will be less of a guessing game! Learn how to make your own engine mounts. Picking a proper camshaft for your project can rapidly deteriorate into chaos. So many possibilities. Want a little advice? Click here! Learn how to upgrade your stock Chevy or Ford for peak performance with bent exhaust systems and more. Don't settle for stock in your crate engine.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again.

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sbc flexplate

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sbc flexplate

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