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Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images. Typical usage, to edit the password file in a virtual machine called 'F11' 'F11' is the libvirt name :. The previous methods for doing this in Fedora were cumbersome and error-prone, usually involving creating loopback mounts as root, using kpartx, reconfiguring LVM.

You don't even need to be root to do it.


This is currently not enabled because of a variety of bugs in qemu e. The main user experience is the command-line guestfish tool. Fedora 12 adds a tool called guestfish for modifying virtual machine disk images. An API called libguestfs is also available for building applications which access disk images.


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Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. See comment in code for justification. Thanks: Yongkui Guo for finding the bug. Latest commit c2c Mar 12, Libguestfs is tools and a library for accessing and modifying guest disk images. LIB for full license information. The examples are under a very liberal license.

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Feb 17, Update copyright dates to Mar 6, Mar 12, Update FSF address. Nov 8, Update release notes for 1. Mar 9, Hide Table of Contents English English. RHSA — Moderate: libguestfs security, bug fix, and enhancement update.

Updated libguestfs packages that fix one security issue, several bugs, and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Common Vulnerability Scoring System CVSS base scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each vulnerability from the CVE link s associated with each description below.

Libguestfs is a library and set of tools for accessing and modifying guest disk images. The libguestfs package has been upgraded to upstream version 1. BZ Security Fix CVE It was found that guestfish, which enables shell scripting and command line access to libguestfs, insecurely created the temporary directory used to store the network socket when started in server mode.

A local attacker could use this flaw to intercept and modify other user's guestfish command, allowing them to perform arbitrary guestfish actions with the privileges of a different user, or use this flaw to obtain authentication credentials. Bug Fixes BZ Previously, when the guestmount utility failed to create a hard link, an incorrect error message was returned. Consequently, information about the true cause of error was not displayed.

With this update, the error handling in guestmount has been fixed and correct messages are now displayed in the described case. When attempting to rename a symbolic link with the guestmount utility, guestmount followed the link instead of overwriting it.

However libguestfs did not return an error in such case and lost protocol synchronization instead. With this update, libguestfs now tests if the download source is a directory and returns an error message if it is. Under certain circumstances, long-running libguestfs API calls, which generated progress messages, caused libguestfs to terminate unexpectedly due to a stack overflow.

The underlying source code has been modified to handle this case and the stack overflow no longer occurs. Prior to this update, the libguestfs inspection did not detect a Microsoft Windows guest that used a non-standard systemroot path. With this update, libguestfs has been modified to use the contents of the Windows boot. As a result, Windows guests are detected properly even if they use non-standard systemroot paths. Previously, libguestfs did not resize a Microsoft Windows NTFS file system when the target size was not explicitly specified.

With this update, libguestfs has been modified to establish this size automatically from the target storage device. As a result, NTFS file systems can now be resized even without specifying the target size. The virt-resize fails on Windows guests that are in an inconsistent state. This update adds the description of this problem to the guestfs 3 man page. If the iface parameter was used when adding a drive, libguestfs entered an infinite loop. With this update, libguestfs has been fixed to process iface parameters correctly, thus preventing the hang.

This problem has been documented in the guestfs 3 man page. Prior to this update, the hivex-commit command with a relative path parameter wrote to a location inaccessible to users.

This command has been modified to require an absolute path or a NULL path that overwrites the original. An error message is now displayed if a relative path is passed to hivex-commit. When libguestfs was used to read the capabilities of a file that had no capabilities set, libguestfs returned an error.

Under certain circumstances, using the guestfish command with both --remote and --add options can have unexpected results. This behavior has been documented in the guestfish 1 man page.This contains a supermin appliance essentially a skeleton appliance which is very small.

It gets instantiated automatically at runtime on the end users system.

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As was suggested in Note that there is a large sparse file in the appliance. I understand rwmjones suggests that there exists an even better way to improve this package. I'm not sure how to implement that suggestion myself, but perhaps they can provide a patch to apply instead of this one. We added Arch ie. Thank you for providing this package! Arch Linux User Repository. Sort order Ascending Descending. Per page 50 Package Details: libguestfs 1. Required by 7 brickstrap-git kimchi kworkflow-git python-libguestfs python-libguestfs make snf-image-creator virt-bootstrap-git.

Latest Comments 1 2 3 4 5 I'll be off for the next days. I'll check both suggestions next week. Sorry for the delay. Please observe how simpler the final result is. FFY00 yeah sure! Why not? Are you ok if I move this to the official repos?

AUR packages are user produced content.Below is the screenshot explaining the scenario:. Before using libguestfs tools, get ready with your virtual machine disk image file.

Ubuntu: Where do I log bugs and ask for help for libguestfs on ubuntu?

The libguestfs supports proprietary systems like VMware and Hyper-V as well. As I told earlier, libguestfs tools comes with many commands such as guestfish, guestmount, guestunmount, virt-alignment-scan, virt-builder, virt-cat, virt-copy, virt-edit, virt-diff, virt-customize, virt-filesystems, virt-format, virt-get-kernel, virt-inspector, virt-list-filesystems, virt-list-partitions, virt-log, virt-ls, virt-make-fs, virt-p2v, virt-p2v-make-disk, virt-rescue, virt-tar and many more.

The command allows you to open a disk image in both read-only —ro option and read-write —rw option modes. Note: Lookout for the command add-ro which means, adding or accessing the image in read-only mode. If you want to make changes to the image, then you need to open the image with read-write privilege we will see this later.

Always execute run command before listing the file systems in the disk image as shown below:. The above command will take a while to read the image.

Once done, you can list the available file systems in the disk as shown below:. Checkout libguestfs. Search For Search. Tagged: Linux. Was this article helpful? Yes No. I love bugs and I love fixing them!This mailing list is for all questions, discussion, development and patches for libguestfs and associated tools.

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