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Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images. Typical usage, to edit the password file in a virtual machine called 'F11' 'F11' is the libvirt name :. The previous methods for doing this in Fedora were cumbersome and error-prone, usually involving creating loopback mounts as root, using kpartx, reconfiguring LVM. You don't even need to be root to do it.

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Sao paulo p3d v4

Recently opened a glass terminal at the airport which was built to host almost all international flights. In total there are 40 airlines operating at the airport to 23 different countries and more than cities in Brazil and the rest of the world. By the looks of it, TropicalSim have done an excellent job bringing their popular South American scenery up to scratch with P3D v4. The entire feature list can be found over at SimMarket where it can be purchased for For more take a look at Tropical Sim on Facebook.

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Django inline formset class based view

This is just a quick explanation of how to use Django's inline model formsets with generic class-based views. Handling model forms is an area where it makes sense to use class-based views but there aren't many examples of how to add inline formsets to the mix. The view class I'm using here follows the structure of the generic CreateView more closely so adding mixins, turning this pattern into a mixin, or upgrading to new versions of Django is less likely to cause unpleasant surprises. I've written and tested this using Django 1.

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